The Mission of UHSS

Our goal is enlightenment. On our journey, the path or “the way” entails a process of researching, assimilating, integrating and disseminating wisdom from the masters. It can also be called wisdom from The Source. It is an infinite journey with no beginning or end. Like time, it is shapeless, formless and limitless. Who are the masters?

I started my study of natural medicine study with Dr Bill Akpinar in 1998. I have been a student of UHSS since its conception and still inspired by each course and lesson received through the UHSS. After recieveing my bacholers degree in Natural Health Sciences I am still committed in earning my N.S.M.D. I am currently proud to be the dean of the College new ZEN through the University of Health and Spiritual Sciences.

~Rev. Enzo Aliotta B.S, C.A.T, PhD candidate

I started my studies with the UHSS in 2013. This has been one of the best decision I have made for my own health and well being. The UHSS has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to natural and spiritual healing. My hat comes off to the founder Rev. Dr Bill Akpinar and his team for their commitment to excellence in the field of Natural and Spiritual medicine!

~Nick Sacoulas

I began my study of Natural and Spiritual Medicine with the UHSS in 2007. Since then I have been incorporating the knowledge giving to me from the UHSS into my yoga business. I am grateful for the guidance received from the UHSS. I am proud to now be an instructor for the University of health and Spiritual Sciences.

~James Onnikan

Recent Updates

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The University of Health and Spiritual Sciences is Based on Three Philosophies

Students are the Best Teachers


The educational program at UHSS is designed for students to teach each other. Advanced students are known as Mentors, and although we may have Mentors in a certain field that have advanced beyond all others, we still like to think of ourselves as students. In the field of Health and Spiritual Sciences there is never an end to how much we can learn. Maintaining an open mind is the key to Mastery.

There is No Way

There is no one way to rule them all. At UHSS we steer away from didactic learning and teaching. With a vast resource of text and information, we would like to gear students to create their own ideal course structure. There are many lessons and Mentors to choose from, but it is up to you, the student, to decide what interests you. As we have seen time and time again, your way will definitely be unique.

Know Thyself

We believe that the process of learning about Health and Spiritual Sciences is both a journey outward and inward. As you learn more about the Spirit, Mind, and Body, you will experience more inner balance, health, and vitality. The journey of healing begins with the self. We are creating a new generation of health practitioners that are inherently healthy in their beliefs, practices, and daily life.