Growing Your Harvest!

By Rev Enzo Aliotta

There is a connection between religion, philosophy and spirituality in life. We will use many different examples, all which bring us back to the simplicity of leading a life of fulfillment.

In modern times, many great mentors speak about the mind as being a parachute.  When opened it works best. We often hear people refer to the movie the (Secret.) They discuss the power of the mind.  ie: How thoughts eventually become things.

Jesus talks about the idea of planting seeds to grow a strong harvest of wheat.  When the wheat is infested with weeds it becomes risky to harvest the wheat. In discussion with his disciples he mentions that planting seeds near thorns is dangerous because the thorns will entangle the wheat.


In Buddhism we learn that there is constant movement towards liberation, peace, love, joy and ultimately enlightenment.  When reaching this state, the Buddhist mind is pure and thought and action are portrayed properly and not even thought about.

Although we may see the above messages originating from different places, they are all the same. If we plant negative thoughts into our mind (harvest) we will grow negative outcomes.

Note: Do you want to keep your harvest ripe, but not sure where to start?

Here is a tip.  Begin by first looking in the mirror. That person you see has the power to practice the right thoughts, the right speech, the right actions etc…Once you realize that then we encourage you to start studying, reading and learning about your own health  and spirituality!



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