Inflammation Protocol

By Rev Enzo Aliotta BS, CAT

Inflammation in the body can be caused by a variety of factors including poor diet, bacterial infections, toxic chemicals or very commonly from physical injury. Other Inflammation cases have been seen from hormonal imbalances.

A natural protocol for aiding inflammation can simply be a diet change.

Try to move from acidic foods to more green and leafy foods. These types of foods tend to be full of essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to repair tissues and muscles. In addition to to changing your diet, it is also suggested to avoid toxic chemicals such as smoking and alcohol which wear down your immune system and later leave nasty side effects.

A nice and relaxing protocol can be essential oils.

Myrrh and Lavender oil work well for inflammation due to tissue and capillary damage and bruising.

Tea Tree oil and German Chamomile are helpful in bacterial infections.

Other anti-inflammatory oils that can help would be peppermint, wintergreen and clove.

essential oils

We suggest that you speak with a specialist or a healthcare provider about whether you suffer from acute inflammation or chronic. Then you can take the necessary steps in improving you health.

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