Suffer from Lack of Energy?

By Rev. Enzo Aliotta BS, CAT

Do you suffer from a Lack of Energy? Do you feel tired? Are you falling asleep in the middle of the day?

If you answered yes, we have a few ways that you can naturally make a difference.
First, start everyday in a healthy way.  As soon as you wake up try drinking two full glasses of water. This jump starts your metabolism. Next load up on green foods, organically grown Spirulina and Chorella is a great start.


Enjoy a cup of Green tea by mid afternoon.

Exercise each day.

Lastly, try a little meditation before bed!

There you have it… simple and very effective ways to make it through the day and to enjoy a well rested sleep.

P.S=> Do you need more info on the green foods I use, check out our East Coast Health Conference to learn how to meditate and how to have natural products delivered to your door step!

See you there!

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