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Rev. James  Onnikian

James Onnikian is a former world Kickboxing champion and Golden Gloves boxing Champion. At 5 years old, James found his first mentor Bruce Lee on the television and has always searched to become a master of himself. Through the study of martial arts, James has been deeply connected to his mind, body & spirit.  He has practiced the science and lifestyle of Yoga and is a Yogi. James currently conducts Yoga Teacher Trainings and owns and operates Maui Hot Yoga and Kickboxing in Hawaii, Yoga Oasis in Woodbury NY, along with partner Mary Grace Conti. He is the first individual to successfully complete the requirements leading to the designation “Doctorate of Medical Yoga” of the U.H.S.S.  In addition James also has extensive knowledge in Natural nutrition including Macro Biotic healing, The Raw & living foods diet, the benefits of fasting for longevity and his life’s knowledge of diet and performance as a Professional athlete. James also has studied in Thailand in the art of Thai Massage in Wat Po said to be the oldest school in the world.

James met his current teacher Dr. Bill Akpinar in 2007 and has since been an apprentice practicing natural and integrative healing and other healing modalities.

James mission and DUTY is to preserve the ancient wisdom of Yoga, martial arts and merge the modern discoveries of medical science and start the first Medical Yoga Doctrine in the United States

For The U.H.S.S, putting the fighting spirit into the healing spirit, James hopes to benefit the well being of mankind for years to come. 

All Divine knowledge is within us!  May we all have peace, health and prosperity!

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  1. I was interested in your yoga doctorate program. How much is it and where is it located? When is the next course? Thanks, Claire

    • Enzo Aliotta says:


      Thanks for the note. Our Classes are always forming. This is an online University. You will have to travel for symposiums. This can be explained further. You can contact 855-674-8477 to learn more.

      Have a great day!

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