Who are we?

We are spiritual warriors of the Light chosen to undertake a journey which will serve to better our own lives and ultimately those of all others by bringing wellness and wholeness to the global community. Whether we perceive it as such or not, it is a journey divinely designed to challenge, test and ultimately promote our spiritual evolution.The path of enlightenment is never identical for any two persons. It is an individual, spiritual experience based on many different variables. On this journey we undergo an evolutionary process where we gather, assimilate, and ultimately disseminate wisdom. The wisdom is not ours. On this journey there may be pain and adversity. Often, it is part of the process.

Spiritual sage Baha’u’llah provides one of many different interpretations in his moving words, “adversity is like the morning dew on Gods green pasture. It is like the wick of Gods lamp that lights earth and heaven. All of the prophets of God have had their difficulties and tribulations. As strange as it sounds, I still love you and I am happy that you have had your difficulties and sorrows.”

As part of the spiritual and mystical experience, we may go through a tortuous path calculated by some as pre-determined. Yet, no matter how much “free choice” we claim to be able to control and remain “masters of our destiny,” it is governed by the laws of cause and effect, along with other natural universal laws. While many Western-based spirituality-attuned philosophers have debated the case for “determinism,” there is no doubt that the “existential” free-choice concept also fits well into the model of enlightenment, and ultimately man’s destiny. In other words, there is at least some merit to the phrase “your life is none of your business,” as stated by a prominent Kiowa Indian medicine man. While it may be preordained in accordance with some belief systems, there is ample cause to believe that it can be changed and influenced positively by virtuous actions. Therefore, no matter how strongly we attempt to “own” and “fit” universal wisdom into so-called scientific models, we never truly own it. It has been given to humanity by masters as needed throughout the nonlinear process of physical existence called time. We are simply put into this path to gain wisdom for the betterment of all. Challenges we face which impact our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing will modify, change and potentially alter our path. This is an inescapable part of human existence. These should not be viewed as obstacles, but rather as gifts which help elevate us to higher spiritual levels. Every person is given a unique set of challenges and it is through these that we can choose to become bitter, resentful, and angry or, on the contrary, to become spiritual warriors and embrace the challenge as an evolutionary tool – a tool uniquely designed to help us embrace the opportunity to impact the lives of others in fresh and unexpected ways. We are human. We make mistakes. Experience (often felt as pain) is gained via the mistakes. Wisdom is gained through the experience. The wisdom can have the potential to move us in the direction of a path which can be more fulfilling and enlightening. One in which we give guidance and help to others.

As we proceed on our journey we acknowledge the challenge and give gratitude. We have been gifted with a spiritually guarded protective cloak that surrounds us. We begin to realize the tremendous responsibility of having been given the challenge to undergo our own transformation and carry out our divine work which will be the first step in removing not only our own afflictions but helping others transform their lives. Our journey and commitment to the divine responsibility requires courage, determination, perseverance, and always great faith to carry on this work. Having embarked on this path we begin to realize that our inner Gods have given us tremendous innate wisdom, knowledge and power when we wear the spiritual warrior coat, knowing that we can never be destroyed or plagued by “cancers of the soul” which will produce the addictions of worry, doubt and fear. Our mission is clear. It is indeed a great circle and the divine gifts are given by and returned to the universe to complete it.

As we walk our path, we are aware that the universe will always help such spiritual warriors and that our spirit guides and guardian angels will always be alongside us helping to develop our intuition and remove impediments in our path, illuminating “the way” for this journey. The courage we have been given will help “en-courage” not only ourselves but others as well. From this point on, more than ever, the universe is opening its portals to help such spiritual warriors, since they will bring fresh new ideas and rejuvenation to mother earth and humanity at a time when it is most critically needed, acknowledging that their weapons are love, compassion and understanding, Those tools of purpose and value will remain and others will be discarded. In light of global issues confronting and challenging humanity like never before, it is time to begin discarding the outdated world view as embraced by many in humanity and replace it with a new vision of reality, one in which spirituality and science will become co-existent partners which will form the foundation for future healing models, which will ultimately impact even economic and social norms. We are witnessing an era in which the latest discoveries in the world of physics, bio-chemistry, cell research, energy medicine and many related disciplines are forging new links between the worlds of science and spirituality. In fact, many hard core scientists are actually gravitating to a high level of spirituality, guided by the outcome of “scientific” research.

There was a time in history when scientists were forced to split from spirit and the powerful religious organizations of their day. When scientific discovery appeared to be at odds with religious dogma, it was heavily suppressed, and its discoverers tortured and burned at the stake. Truths were regulated by religion and metaphysics. This led to courageous individuals such as Descartes, who proceeded to examine and investigate these accepted “truths” using the scientific method. Invisible forces may actually lend themselves to scientific research and, in this vein, new links can indeed be forged between the worlds of science and spirit. With deeper study of spirit (which is at the core of spirituality) and its relationship to consciousness, mindfulness and connectedness to our cosmos, most aliments and issues confronting humanity can be put into deeper perspective. We have been chosen to serve as the spiritual warriors and undertake this journey.