Why choose the University of Health and Spiritual Sciences?

We offer diverse possibilities to pave your unique path. The word “Doctor” means teacher in Latin and that is exactly what our graduates become – teachers of health and wellness grounded in and protected by the framework of a spiritual foundation as ordained ministers. The designation of “Doctor of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine, Minister of Health” is a bridge between an outmoded and outdated profit driven allopathic medical system, a rapidly (re)emerging naturopathic medical system and a quantum spiritual system which, while addressing the spiritual needs of people, holds the power to address the needs of health and wellness.

We are of the conviction that our program represents the new model for health and wellness. Our program appeals to persons from diverse backgrounds including those from allopathic medicine and affiliated areas such as osteopathic medicine, dentistry, psychology, chiropractic, podiatry, nursing, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, homeopathic medicine, nutrition, energy therapy and many others. We also appeal strongly to persons already involved in some form of spiritual work, counseling, and teaching in its many forms. Regardless of the background and training, each one of us has committed to undertake the evolutionary spiritual scientific journey so that we may pass the wisdom onto others and thus make a lasting impact on humanity.

Our institution operates in accordance with our affiliate spiritual organization, The University of Natural Medicine, which has been a leading authority in the field of natural medicine worldwide for over a decade. Graduates who are already licensed in a healthcare area will find that our program will greatly enhance their practice and provide an unprecedented level of spiritual growth, privilege and protection incorporated into their existing practices. The University of Health and Spiritual Sciences recognizes, promotes and ordains ministering through spiritual healing within its ranks. Spiritual healing occurs within the soul and represents a link between God and man through channeling of Divine Energies. The soul is defined as a part of mankind which is one with the Creator. Spiritual healing, is not to be confused with medical treatment, as practiced medical and mental health licensed professionals. Although other components of healing are certainly involved in varying degrees, spiritual healing is defined as the provision of restoring Divine Energy to the recipient’s soul and the manifested energetic body, which may be in addition to, but not instead of, mental health and medical treatment. A spiritual healer graduating from UHSS™ may use touch and other implements during healing sessions, with the intention of channeling Divine Energy for soul-level healing. The UHSS™ professes that Creator’s spiritual healing is accomplished by the laying on of hands and through the passing of spiritual elements and gifts such as anointing with oils and use of crystals and all other healing tools, technologies and modalities gifted from the Divine, now in existence and as may be manifested in the earth time designated as the future. It can also take place as a spiritually directed “bio- feedback” of energies, being channeled via a spiritually-attuned and qualified divine healer into the person requesting the healing. This may be done via prayer, laying on of hands or even through the assistance of highly technological tools which are constantly being made available to us. The “bio- feedback” is naturally a channeling of divine energies and not a tool for diagnosing or treating medical conditions. This is not to be confused with or take the place of medical and mental health diagnosis and treatment. Similarly, utilizing highly developed technologies and implements to research and seek validation for time-tested and now present time application of spiritual, natural, cultural and indigenous practices is a cornerstone of our spiritual scientific research foundation.

Since technology is in a constant state of evolution, we need to evolve with it and utilize its fruits to become conduits in channeling divine energies in their many different forms. There are many different means to work with and channel this energy. The important thing to remember once again is that the miracles created and experienced are ones which embody Divine wisdom and its application in present day time and not those that represent the practice of a licensed medical trade. Touching others during spiritual healing delivery does not constitute medical or mental health treatment. Through touch, the spiritual and scientific healer is a facilitator acting as a link in channeling Divine Energy to the Quantum soul-being of those in need of energetic realignment to “remember” Divine Perfection. We are an interfaith ministry, embracing the best that all spiritualities have to offer and using modern day tools and technologies to analyze them.

The benefits of prayer and spiritual work are being documented. They are capable of creating divine transformations, bringing harmony to the vibrational essence of the receiver, penetrating the very microcosm of all cellular components down to the DNA, RNA atomic and subatomic particles, soul levels and subtle fields. The spiritual healer may give spiritual counseling and intervention in accordance with divinity gifted tools, implements, principles, foundations or advice to bring the mind/body/spirit and emotions into the Highest Degree of Divine Harmony, but the spiritual healer does not claim to diagnose and treat mental health or medical problems. The ordained right and privilege of Minister transcends all political, physical and ethnic bounds. Recognized by the founding fathers of the United States of America in the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, echoed and recognized around the globe in the divine spirit of universal truth, the sacred privilege of divine ordainment is paramount. The principles and practices of spirituality and spiritual sciences have preceded those which have become regulated by agencies and trade unions. These organizations aim to regulate such practice. Spiritual practices are in effect divine, and thus are regulated by a Higher Source.

For those who seek to become “Doctor of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine” (N.S.M.D.) through the spiritual path, the benefit is that the mind/body/spirit counseling work they become engaged in will be regulated by a Higher Source under the divine spiritual protocols of ministerial work. As ordained ministers in service to the Divine, we are accredited by The One. The “One Cure” can only be made possible from this source, which is the “One Source”. One becomes ordained, not licensed, to facilitate and investigate the sacred gifts of mind/body/spirit harmony and healing to their clients. This divinely ordained privilege is the Highest in origin and must be honored as such.