What are the Admission Requirements?

We acknowledge that persons seeking to fulfill a dream of earning the “Doctor of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine” or Doctor of Medical Yoga come from many different backgrounds including the sciences, health professions, spiritual work and even from totally unrelated areas. A Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of Arts or equivalent degree is a cornerstone upon which this educational and evolutionary process is built. Nevertheless, we realize that each person has a different background and that no two persons are ever identical in training, credentials and life experience. Long established, historically recognized institutions of higher learning are even beginning to recognize that an individual may change careers many times in life, undergo personal change and evolution of their interests and needs at different phases of their lives. “The only thing that is absolute in life is change” concept put forth by Sophocles may be equally applicable to the extent that one day, perhaps; “non-traditional” may well be the only traditional means of obtaining such a degree. Therefore the concept of “traditional” like all else in our lives and in our world is changing as the I-Ching suggests, on a minute-to-minute, day-to-day basis. A more non-traditional evolutionary approach is necessary to accommodate those who have an abundance of life experience, sincere motivation, and desire to serve the global community and make a meaningful contribution. We offer a beacon of light to make this possible. Therefore, where applicable, all aspects of an individual’s accomplishments, life experience, and academic achievements will be considered. While we provide great latitude as to these elements of an applicant we are also highly selective regarding potential students integrity, moral and spiritual commitment to wanting to be part of our community. An individualized, personalized program will be prepared to bring the applicant to a position whereby they become a candidate for successful matriculation into the program. A significant degree of latitude for life experience gained outside formal degree programs will be strongly considered and weighed heavily.

The committee members chosen to mentor a candidate will become personally acquainted with their mentee and customize a course of study which will fulfill the desires, interests and needs of that individual. Our world is comprised of a diverse body of individuals with unique academic, practical and spiritual gifts, needs and interests. Our school is a microcosm of this global community and its student body will reflect and acknowledge this quality.

Pre-Admission Requirements

  • You must choose which program you are applying for. The Certified Wellness Counselor Degree or the Certified Medical Yoga Practitioner.
  • You must answer an informal 3 minute applicant survey for the program of your choice. Certified Wellness Counselor applicant survey. Certified Medical Yoga Practitioner applicant survey.
  • A faculty member will contact you via email and request the formal pre-admisson form found here. Preadmission RequirementsW-LOGO 7-30-09 LB Edit1
  • The formal pre-admission will be sent back to the UHSS with a non-refundable check of $100.00USD for processing and evaluation. (Please make your check payable to the UHSS)
  • Upon meeting the  above criteria for acceptance, a faculty member will schedule a 10 minute phone or skype conference to discuss your specific interests, the programs offered, the fees and training schedules.

Mailing Address:

P.O Box 322
Sea Cliff, NY 11579