Certified Wellness Counselor Masters Degree:

Welcome to the Certified Wellness Counselor (CWC) Masters Degree at the University of Health and Spiritual Sciences. This is a one of a kind course exposing students to the growing field and health, wellness and spirituality. As a graduate of the CWC Masters Degree, you will have the knowledge and skills to teach and educate others through your own practice, you can counsel those who are seeking wellness, or earn a position as a mentor at the UHSS if a position becomes available.  This investment in yourself will be a long term investment in your future.

Applying for admissions into the U.H.S.S  Certified Wellness Counselor Masters Degree is three simple steps.

1. First start by taking the 3 minute applicant survey below.

2. Next, a faculty member will contact you shortly via email with a formal application for admission. You will submit the formal application back to the U.H.S.S with a non-refundable check or (pay online recommend) for processing and evaluation of $100.00. That form is found here.  Preadmission RequirementsW-LOGO 7-30-09 LB Edit1 Upon successfully meeting the initial criteria you will be guided to step three.

3. A teleconference or Skype meeting will be scheduled to discuss your acceptance, your interest of study, along with tuition’s, payments plans and training schedules.

Please note: The cost for C.W.C masters program is $4,900. This does not include airfare and accommodations to chosen location for completion of practical requirements of the program. We are currently holding the practical trainings in Hawaii, California and New York. 

Informal Student Applicant Form

Here are the requirements for the U.H.S.S Certified Wellness Counselor (The Masters Level) Program. 

1. 9 core book courses with a passing grade of 70%.

2.  Ongoing dialogue with designated mentor.

3.  Selection and critique of 2 research articles per course with 3-5 page analysis per article.

4. 100 hours of practical Qigong training. This includes the Shaolin Yoga Qigong exercises.

5. Experiencing and describing in writing 8 modes of Complementary, Holistic, Alternative, Naturopathic -Spiritual or Integrative Medicine.

6. Attend two symposiums held by the UHSS symposiums.

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