Doctorate of Integrative Medicine (Medicina Integrantium Licentiate or M.I.L.) Welcome to the U.H.S.S Doctor of Integrative Medicine Program. Below is an outline of the courses that must be completed for M.I.L. status.

(Please note that the Masters level program must be completed prior to enrolling in the Doctorate program.)

1. Completion of a minimum of five (5) courses from each of the U.H.S.S colleges, ( The mind, the body and the spirit) for a minimum of 15 courses.) With a passing grade is 70%.

2. Completion of 100 hours of advanced Medical Yoga/ qigong training / advanced yoga anatomy /advanced overview of major health challenges with analysis of protocols for care/counseling.

3. Ongoing dialogue with mentor.

4. Mentor-ship of master’s level students (recommended but not required.) There will a stipend for each student assigned to a doctorate level student. Committee approval required.

Core courses in Doctorate level program. ( Curriculum may be changed or modified in order to meet changing global needs and challenges.) 

1. The College of Integrative Medicine (The Body)  

1) Vibrational Medicine Course

2) Integrative Medicine Course

3) Ayurveda course

4) Course in Auriculotheropy, craniosacral therapy and other healing modalities

5) Course in iridology, pulse & tongue diagnosis, and other diagnostic criteria

2. The College of New Zen (The Mind)

1) The Great Tao Course

2) The Tao of Physics Course

3) Zen Foundations Course

4) Yoga Foundations and Advanced Concepts Course

5) The Web That Has No Weaver Course

3. The College of Metaphysics and Spirituality (The Spirit)

1) On Death and Dying Course

2) A Course in Miracles

3) The World’s Religions Course

4) The Tibetan Book of Death and Dying Course

5) The U.H.S.S Ministerial Lessons /Doctorate of Divinity (DD) course

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