Welcome to the U.H.S.S Doctoral Programs.

Our ultimate goal is to have a unified cadre of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine Doctor (N.S.M.D) and Doctor of Medical Yoga (D.M.Y) practitioners who will create a positive impact on the global health community.

Peace begins within. Without inner peace and enlightenment one cannot help create global peace. While there are many forms of complementary, alternative, integrative, holistic, and other forms of healing, naturopathic spiritual medicine is truly the medicine from the source. It is wisdom from the source. This wisdom and all research pertaining to it, is the embodiment of our teaching program.

Many students will want to pursue a post- doctorate level program at the U.H.S.S after completing  the Doctorate of Integrative Medicine. Currently there are two program paths to advanced practitioner certification, the Naturopathic Spiritual Medical Doctor (N.S.M.D), and the Doctorate of Medical Yoga(D.M.Y.)

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