College of Integrative Medicine

Many health and wellness systems attempt to categorize and compartmentalize the different components of our existence, including the disruption of it, referred to as dis-ease. In the western based system, these are made to be matched by corresponding diagnoses and, hence, “diagnosis codes” -the disease must fit the code. The disease and diagnosis (artificially created code) are the two elements of the foundation upon which the western model is based and thus the treatment must be made to match the “therapeutics.” The therapeutic, of course, is the corresponding drug, or the “procedure” which is used to “treat” the disease code. This is still a manifestation of a highly outdated “Newtonian” model verses “quantum” model. There is no great financial motivation to provide “teaching” to persons seeking a higher level of wellness. This is undeniably the original obligation of doctor (remember in Latin, the doctor = teacher). For the most part, teaching wellness cannot be matched to any existing disease code or practice, and as such is for the most part is non-reimbursable within the current medical system. While labeling of ailments and disease certainly makes the structural and material components easier to categorize, an integrative and integrated approach is essential to promoting health and wellness on a global level, since the perfect model is a Divinely-attuned model.

Our health care and wellness systems are fragmented into societies of “specialists.” While this certainly addresses and helps to categorize the rapidly expanding, constantly growing body of knowledge and demand in all areas, it has produced notable drawbacks as well in that it has isolated, fragmented and separated the parts of the health and wellness equation from a unified whole in such a way that they are now looked at as separate and independent. In this increasingly outdated model, the domain of the body is often left in the hands of the physician, with all of its specialties and sub-specialties, the mind in the hands of the mental health professionals and the spirit in the domain of the ministers and other persons claiming spiritual attunement.

It is now clear that as a result of the work of present day scientist that the “mind” is not really focused in the head, as once was surmised but distributed via signal molecules to the whole body. Each and every cell in the body functions as an integrated whole and is capable of communicating with one another via packets of light termed bio-photons. Therefore, the signal molecules throughout the body that generate bio-chemical reactions and influence what has been called “molecules of emotion”, via this light, and can be found anywhere in the body. An example is those found in abundance in the gut (i.e.-“I have a feeling in my gut”) and in the heart (“my heart tells me this is right”). These affect the mind and thus induce the brain to generate “molecules of emotion”. These affect our mental, psychological, spiritual and body states, and this is why and integrative approach is essential.

While there are, and will continue to be many afflictions which necessitate care by specialists, conditions which disrupt the balance and equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit can be achieved with harmony and balance between these elements. Ideally, prevention and early intervention shift all imbalances and depletions before the material manifestations of “dis-ease” take hold. Cancers of the body are in essence cancers of the soul and spirit and will begin as disruptions of the bio-energetic fields long before they actually disrupt the physical components of the body. The emerging new model of medicine and wellness incorporates the approach to diagnosing and treating illness with acceptance of mystical observations of the bodies’ unique life-energy systems and the energetic property of atoms and molecules making up our bodies. It is more than the sum of its parts, which are animated by scientific explanations of two dimensional electrochemical reactions. This is currently a paradigm shift being referred to as vibrational medicine. Interestingly enough, principles of this “new” medicine have been thoroughly described in ancient texts from the East. There is ample opportunity for spiritual-scientific research on the foundational molecules such as DNA since it has been shown that the Creators name has been encrypted in these in various symbols and representations. Our current base of knowledge merely indicates that tools used to research, validate and verify these were non-existent (or perhaps lost in civilizations which have disappeared).

Historical references indicate that the tools and implements of the time were a highly developed intuitional awareness and spiritual wisdom. On our journey, we emphasize not only development of these essential tools, but research the use of highly developed modern day implements to research and analyze wisdom which is not only Divine, but historical in nature. We carry the foundations of our illnesses and can, with the right teaching, learn to cultivate the tools which help eliminate them. Remember, all tools and implements are gifts from the Divine with the constant gift of evolution of technology, these sacred tools and implements given to humanity by Divinely ordained masters a millennia ago are simply adapted to the evolution of humanity. We can unlock the secrets which will allow us to experience wellness. This is our Journey.