Certified Wellness Counselor Certification Program

What is a certified wellness counselor (CWC)?

The CWC is a highly attuned individual, trained and certified as a health and wellness facilitator. This individual will operate in conjunction with the U.H.S.S. protocols as an Adjunct Assistant Minister of Health, under the supervision/mentorship of a member/or members of the counseling staff known as “Medical Minister”

These are individuals who have earned the designation Doctor of Natural Medicine, Minister of Health. They operate to assist in the maintenance and restoration of balance of health on the mind/body/spirit levels. The CWC will assist in the facilitation of healing on these levels through the use of education and other empowerment of tools. As a member of the U.H.S.S., the CWC will have access to a vast and consistently expanding global educational, healing network and healing base. This is a vital cornerstone of the UHSS. A CWC will be engaged in spiritual/scientific research for the betterment of the global community. The CWC degree entails a course of study which can be normally completed in a period of a year. The CWC program, when successfully completed will culminate in the attainment in a “Masters in Health Sciences “ degree. This is a foundational requirement for study leading to “ Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine,Minister of Heath” degree.

Who will be my teachers?

Mentors (Professors) for the prospective CWC student will be designated by the board and faculty of the U.H.S.S. based on criteria used to assess optimization of the students learning experience, matching area or field of interest and other variables meant to enhance the education process. With this in mind it is believed that the CWC candidate will be matched with the best possible supervising mentor.

Course Requirements for Certified Wellness Counselor
Masters in Health Sciences Degree

  1. Course 1 Sweat Therapy
  2. Course 2 Breath, Movement and CHI
  3. Course 3 ZEN-in theory and in practice
  4. Course 4 Prescriptions for Health and Anti-Aging
  5. Course 5 Nutritional Healing
  6. Course 6 Principles of Natural Healing
  7. Course 7 Programed Destiny… or Reprogramming your Destiny
  8. Course 8 Oxygen Therapies