Sweat Therapy

Mentor/counselor – designated by staff of the UHSS
Time frame for completion – 3-4 weeks is recommended


To provide an understanding of the practice of hyperthermia (sweat therapy) and its ben­efit to human health.

Sweat Therapy has been incorporated into health practices around the world throughout history and its perpetuity of use indicates that it is a proven and effective cornerstone of health maintenance and disease prevention.

The purpose of this course is to analyze the cultural and historic foundations (why it has endured so long) and study the benefits of hyperthermia including its benefit on many different physiologic levels. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have gained an understanding of when and how it can be used, what conditions can benefit from the practice, precautions for use, and potential complications.

The student (with the appropriate clearance from his or her health care provider) will ex­perience sweat therapy modalities (i.e. – saunas, infrared sauna, steam sauna), and document and discuss the effects with their mentor. To optimize documentation of benefits, pulse, blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring before, after and throughout continued use is highly rec­ommended. This will not only be of benefit to the candidate, but provide valid research data for the benefit of others. Where applicable, candidates in the certified wellness counselor program will have the opportunity to participate in a Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony. This is a spiritual, cultural sweat practice, the roots of which extend back many millennia.