Programmed Destiny … or Reprogramming Your Destiny

Mentor/counselor – designated by staff of the UHSS
Time frame for completion at discretion of the mentor/counselor (4-6 weeks is recommended)


Upon receiving a “diagnosis” for a serious ailment which cannot be explained away by current medical “theory”, many patients are conveniently given an explanation by the frustrated health care provider (trying to bring some logic into the equations), that the problem is “in the genes.”

Well, the truth of the matter is that current research is consistently giving us scientifically validated conclusions that one can change their genes. To the surprise of “genes as destiny” pro­ponents, recent (but now accepted) science has secured its place in medical history. The word epigenetics (meaning above or beyond the limitations and restrictions of genetic programming) refers to a phenomena that has shown that with the right lifestyle modifications, genetic destiny can be modified, even overcome, and that genes which have the potential to be “turned on” to produce illness can be kept in check – perhaps indefinitely.

This science of epigenetics is based on the fact that it is not the actual genes, but rather the expression of the genes is responsible for initiation disease.

Published data gathered from pools of international research projects on this subject has shown that the vast majority of potentially health-crippling and life-destroying illnesses can be prevented and even reversed by epigenetic “re-programming.” This can be achieved by modify­ing lifestyle and teaching others to do the same. Bringing balance to the mind/body/spirit is the key. Therefore it is important for the person wishing to impart health and wellness wisdom to others to have a firm understanding of these principles.

This wisdom translates into practical reality with the creation of hope, which is one of the most important tools possessed and imparted to others by a Certified Wellness Counselor. A whole-hearted dedication and the right knowledge will help one find the right solutions to cre­ate stability and foster courage amidst the storms of life while also incorporating the ultimate hope—Divine guidance—to hold on to when one is sinking into the abyss of despair. Knowledge is the foundation of wisdom; its proper application can bring power over seemingly hopeless situations. Relief from despair comes with faith, hope and love. All of these elements give one the ability to look at and rectify a situation accurately and with optimism.