Breath, Movement and CHI

Mentor/ counselor- the designed by staff of UHSS
Time frame for completion – 3-4 weeks is recommended


To understand the benefits of coordination of movement and breath as a vital cornerstone of a health maintenance and disease prevention program.

In situations when ones’ health has deteriorated, the wisdom here can be a critical link (when used with other protocols) in regaining it. Upon successful completion of this course the student will become familiar with the concept of Chi (Qi) and prana, otherwise known as “life force” (or “vital breath”). The student will understand why it is so important to use coordinated breath and movement to keep vital physiologic parameters in equilibrium and life force moving; why these practices (which extend back thousands of years) will stabilize the function of the cardiovascular, neurologic, musculoskeletal, immune, endocrine and other auto-regulatory and homeostatic systems. They will maintain and protect life force, and guard against the ravages of crippling, health destroying disease when implemented and used with other health enhancing protocols. Like water flowing in a stream, Qi, or the bio-energetic life flow, must be kept moving. Stagnant, or blocked Qi (not unlike stagnated, brackish water forming off a flowing stream) will breed disease and illness.

These time-tested moving meditation techniques as spiritual practices focus on working with the science of breath.

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in Qi Gong and Shaolin Yoga Training Pro­grams. These are certification courses and will prepare those willing to meet the challenge to be­come certified Qi Gong instructors under the mentorship of Shaolin and Wudong Temple (China) trained master instructors.

It is anticipated that the CWC will integrate the principles of these spiritual practices not only into their daily lives, but offer it as a part of a wellness protocol for the persons presenting before them for care/counseling. If one is to become a wellness proponent, they must lead by example. Throughout the study, students will discuss benefits and possible challenges of prac­tice with their mentors as they integrate the practice into their own lives.

Familiarity (and ultimately certification) will be gained in the centuries-old practice of the Eight Pieces of Silk (“Ba Duan Jing”) exercises and the Marrow Washing/Tendon Changing classic (“Yi Jing Jing”) and The Three Emperors Qi Gong. Significant health enhancement can be antici­pated when practiced diligently.