Zen – In Theory And In Practice

Mentor/counselor – designated by staff of the UHSS
Time frame for completion at discretion of the mentor/counselor (3-4 weeks is recommended)


To gain an understanding of Zen and related eastern spirituality and be able to incorporate the wisdom into practice in our own daily lives.

While this teaching is not intended to replace ones’ existing spirituality or religious prac­tice, it is nevertheless a vital empowerment tool meant to broaden and provide further insight to attain a greater degree of balance in the mind/body/spirit domain and view life’s challenges with additional perspective. It should be viewed more as an education—a spirituality—rather than an organized system of religion. It is yet another spiritual practice, another path to enlightenment.

While Zen appears to be a “mystical” phenomena for most, in actuality, the concept of “Time Out of Mind” is a meditative practice built into virtually every spiritual, system on our planet. These are all interdependent, interrelated and interconnected. Until recently, the three-dimensional and linear concept of existence had been embraced by classical physicists through­out the world. The Quantum model soon replaced this outdated model. Zen is an extension of the new paradigm.

The fourth and fifth dimensions (space and time) and their relationship to human exis­tence have been encoded in many Eastern and other ancient scripture. In effect, time, space and mind are inseparable. To experience this unity, one must be a devoted lifelong student. It can help illuminate truths about existence and being—bringing light to enlightenment.

Upon embarking on this study (this is one area when one can never “complete” a study), the student will have a foundation for seeking further insight and explanation into some of life’s mysteries, such as questions of “Being” and “What is truth?”, and gain foundational wisdom related to Eastern philosophy and spirituality and be able to bring these into the health equa­tion first for themselves and ultimately to benefit those who present for care/counseling. This is a path to enlightenment, one of many. Eastern spirituality, Judaism and Christianity dictate that if we wish to attain wealth, we should practice the giving of wealth to attenuate us to sub­sequently deal with riches. Similarly, if we strive for longevity, we should practice fearlessness (fear robs one of health and life), and finally if we are to grow our intelligence, wisdom and attain enlightenment, we should practice the giving of wisdom through our teaching and mentoring. This is the essence of what you have chosen to undertake as a vital component of your study.