Principles of Natural Healing

Mentor/counselor – designated by staff of the UHSS
Time frame for completion at discretion of the mentor/counselor (4-6 weeks is recommended)


To explore options which integrate natural medicines into the healing model and consider indications, benefits and contraindications for their use.

Long before there was even the remotest concept of an FDA or any other regulatory agen­cy, spiritually attuned, knowledgeable sages were in tune with the forces and rhythm of nature and in harmony with supernatural phenomena. These wise men and women (some of whom came to be known as prophets, spiritual sages and ancient physicians) gave humanity founda­tions for spiritual and natural cures.

While technology is evolving at warp speed, there are still more questions than answers in the wellness equation. Voltaire, a renowned philosopher, stated, “Doctors are persons who prescribe medications of which they know little, for diseases for which they know less and to persons of whom they know nothing.” While the fruits of technological development are abun­dant and well-recognized, why negate historically valid, accepted health practices which have proven to be effective?

These include those which have been handed down through oral tradition and written scripture—Shamanic, indigenous and wisdom from the holy books. Why not learn these so that they can be incorporated into “modern day” practices? Better yet, why not use the ever ex­panding implements of modern technology to investigate, assess and validate wisdom of these practices so that they can be brought into existing practice with scientific foundation? Since our institution is based on spiritual/ scientific research and validation of useable, effective protocols, this is exactly what UHSS is about. That is to investigate, assess and apply where applicable the wisdom of natural healing to our own lives and to those who present to us for care/counseling. To learn to use what is good and discard with is not effective is the objective.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have a clear understanding of the principles of natural healing, its scope and also challenges which confront the counselor/ caregiver. It is a foundational course upon which advanced study in the Doctorate Program is based.