Research Protocols:
We are proud to announce that we are conducting research on Patten Pending stem cell protocols called Acu-Stem!
It is very probable that Acu-Stem cell based therapies or what is coming to be known as regenerative or reparative medicine will be the new paradigm in the field of medicine. The potential applications of stem cells are virtually limitless. It is becoming an accepted fact that in the future some of the most serious medical conditions such as cancer, birth defects and neurological and cardiac diseases, which are due to abnormal cell division and differentiation, may be mitigated with stem cell therapy.
It is rapidly becoming apparent that this therapy will more likely than not become a cornerstone in the new paradigm of medicine offering hope for conditions once deemed hopeless. One application of this therapy is commonly known as “regenerative medicine.” Stem cells can also be used to test new drugs, but perhaps the most important application of human stem cells is the generation of cells and tissues that can be used for cell based therapies. When used with frequency enhancement (The Acu Stem Technique), stem cells (along with a platelet rich plasma, or PRP, mixture) can be given an extra boost, utilizing frequencies deemed most useful in the healing needed by the body. These frequencies are “programmed” into the cells with the expectation of improving their specificity to the region to which they are being directed. Just as the etheric, or bio-energetic (divine) template surrounding the developing organism is said to be directing cellular division and growth, the desirable frequencies can be programmed into the cells collected making their therapeutic potential much greater once injected back into the body. This an extraordinary delivery and targeting technique (patent pending) developed by Dr. Bill Akpinar known as Acu Stem™. Using a Magellan Arteriocyte machine, a patient’s blood is drawn, analyzed on the EPFX SCIO Quantum technology machine, and the necessary frequencies deemed most beneficial for the individual’s specific condition are “imprinted” in the sample. It is then re-injected first into the systemic circulation and then into the meridian system (as described in Chinese Medicine). It is also injected through the acupoints (or acupuncture points along the meridian) deemed most appropriate via Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic criteria utilizing their maximum benefit time by taking into account the 2 hour activity cycle of each meridian most vital for cellular regeneration of the organ system greatest in need. Generally 1-2 cc is injected into each acupoint. It has been documented that there is a cellular flow within the meridian system and with these principles in mind; the cells are directed toward the area in greater need in order to repair and regenerate the tissue as per the Acu Stem technique. As the field of stem cell research widens there will undoubtedly be research on natural and integrative technologies which will help induce the proliferation of our stem cells naturally.